Terms of Service & Conditions

Commissioning Process & Requirements

Commission openings will be announced via twitter. To commission me you must be at least 18 years old and are required to fill out a commission form provided on my website (hiccy.art).
Said commission form will typically remain open for one week. Filling out a commission form is not a guarantee that you will be picked. I do not work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Instead I'll be hand-picking clients. You may request multiple commissions by filling out and sending separate forms for each commission you'd like to request. In the event that your name has been chosen you’ll be invoiced for however many commissions you requested - so please be sure you can afford them.

I will be performing a background check on all clients to avoid being scammed.
Anyone deemed untrustworthy will be rejected.

Commission Contract

By commissioning me (hiccy.art) you (the client) agree to the production of a custom created art piece. The artwork is to contain the agreed upon specific details and will be produced for the agreed upon fee you were invoiced for. Sometime within receipt of payment I will provide a sketch for the client and allow for any modifications and additions - major changes* may require renegotiation of (if provided) timeframe and fee (to be paid within 48 hours). Once the sketch has been approved I will continue to work on the lineart & colours. At this stage the client may only request minor* changes. Once the lineart & colours have been approved I will shade & finish the artwork. At this stage requests for any changes will not be granted unless they are minor*.*what constitutes as “major” or “minor” falls under my judgement, not the client’s. Examples of minor changes can be colour alterations, small additions or fixes in the rare case of missed details or mistakes made by the artist (TwistedHiccy). Examples of major changes can be changes to the pose, expression and clothes.


I cannot give exact estimates as to how long a commission will take. Generally speaking I aim to deliver within 3 months but under exceptional circumstances I may take longer. Clients will be notified should there be exceptional circumstances in which I find myself not being able to deliver the artwork as quickly as I intended.I will also be giving relevant updates on my life and commissions on my twitter @HiccyArt or on my blog on hiccy.art.

Payment Method, Refunds & Cancellations

The Payment must be made within 48 hours of receipt (unless we negotiated a different timeframe). You will be notified when the invoice has been sent and when payment has been received. I will not start working on your commission until full payment has been provided.

Refunds must be requested before the client has received a sketch and / or within 24 hours of the invoice being paid.I reserve the right to cancel someone's commission and refund them at any time.

File Dimensions & quality

The client will be receiving low resolution images of any and all stages right up until the artwork has been finalised. The completed, high-resolution piece(s) will be sent via email.The final dimensions of the artwork on average varies anywhere between 1000px - 4000px unless the client requested specific dimensions.

Ownership rights

Upon receipt of the final artwork(s) the client is authorized to make use of the artwork(s) for any non-commercial display purposes.Ownership of the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork(s) for promotional purposes remains with the artist.I reserve the right to publish all of my artwork, however if the commissioned piece is meant as a surprise gift for someone else I will hold off from posting it until the date provided by the client.


For optimal efficiency it is advised that the client responds to any queries and updates provided by me within a week. Should the client not be able to meet said criteria for any reason the artist is to be notified in advance. Should this criteria not be met the artist reserves the right to cancel the commission after 1 week of unresponsiveness and (if applicable) refund the client partially or in full.In the rare instances that I - the artist - cannot respond to any queries from the client within 7 working days I will be giving said client notice in advance.

Themes, Kinks & Fetishes

While I'm willing to draw a variety of kinks and fetishes, please note that I refuse to draw anything related to rape, torture, murder, abuse, anti-LGBTQ+, racism, necrophilia, beastiality / zoophilia, scat & urine, diaper and underage characters.While I may have been drawn some of these fetishes in the past I've since grown increasingly more uncomfortable towards them and refuse to draw them as of July 2021. I'll be giving more detail towards them below while also clarifying what I allow.RapeDue to my own experiences with sexual assault I refuse to draw straight up rape. However I am okay with dubcon (“dubious consent” - e.g. character is feeling pleasure but not admitting it / ashamed to admit it).Sexualised AbuseI refuse to draw sexual abuse intended to physically or psychologically hurt a character.
The aforementioned does not apply to consensual degrading kinks, playful insults or nonsexual commission pieces.
TortureI refuse to draw characters getting violently tortured in sexual & nonsexual scenarios. The aforementioned does not apply to scratching / bloodplay, orgasm / relief denial and playful choking or rough sex.Sexualised MurderI refuse drawing characters getting murdered or murdering others for sexual pleasure as well as necrophilia (the act of having sexual intercourse with a corpse).
The aforementioned does not apply to non-sexualised candy-gore or regular gore as part of a story.
Sexualised Gore & InjuryI am okay with drawing injured characters i.e cuts, bruises, broken bones, missing limbs, open wounds etc. This does include inflicting injuries upon other characters or themselves.I refuse to draw Trypophonophilia (sexual penetration of wounds) erotophonophilia (lust murder) or other paraphilias related to injuries or murder.IncestWhile not my favourite subject to draw I do permit incest. Though I only allow consensual incest, implying the characters involved are willingly having sex with each other.Beastiality / ZoophiliaI refuse to draw beastiality involving humans & humanoid characters having intercourse with insentient, typically feral-bodied characters (four-legged animals or pets that cannot give consent due to lack of awareness / sentience).I am okay with anthropomorphic characters having sex with sentient feral-bodied characters i.e dragons, MLP, pokemon - provided they are depicted being undoubtedly capable of speech and can give consent.Underage Characters & DiaperI will never draw underage characters partaking in sexual scenarios, all characters must be 18 years old. Slight Age differences are permitted provided all the characters are consenting adults (must at least be 18 years of age, preferably over).I refuse to draw anything related to diaper fetishes or the sexualisation of diapers, including adult characters wearing diapers.
This does not apply to the nonsexual depiction of baby / toddler characters of course.
Scat, Urine & VomitI refuse to draw scat - anything related to faeces and the sexualisation of it.I am okay with watersports (aka urine, clear or yellow) provided the characters in question aren't forced to partake in it. I am okay with unintentional loss of bladder control and squirting.I refuse to draw characters vomiting actual vomit due to my emetophobia, both in sexual and nonsexual scenarios.
I am however okay with cum-vomit (e.g for “all-the-way-through” fetishes) and rainbow-vomit.
Anti-LGBT, Racism & BigotryI refuse to draw anything racist, anti-LGBTQ+ or otherwise bigoted themes or characters.But I'll gladly draw your character punching the lights out of a nazi.